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Filter - Limonada, Mexico - Raspberry - Lemonade - Honey

Filter - Limonada, Mexico - Raspberry - Lemonade - Honey

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About this awesome coffee –

Tastes like: Raspberry, Lemonade, Honey
Mountain: 1,600 - 1,900
Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra
Process: Washed
Producer: A collection of small scale producers from Limontitla

Roaster notes: "A super lovely coffee, clean, bright with a honey sweetness and lemon sparkle and a touch of raspberry.  We can't stop drinking this coffee, complex and sweet and as it cools it tastes just like a delicious traditional lemonade.  This coffee works best as a pour over, brewed with an AeroPress or cafetiere.  It's super balanced too, get it in your cup!".

This fine coffee is grown in Limontitla, which means land of the lemons in the Nahuati indigenous language. This lovely area is crossed by the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountain range.    It is a little explored origin, which a couple of years ago was not yet on the coffee map.

During the busy harvest season, producers carry their ripe coffee cherries on the back of donkeys with tricky unmade up roads to navigate.

The local people have a strong bond with Mother Earth, due daily care and protection of the native forests and wild animals.

Over the coffee plantations hang different layers of shadows provided by fruit trees which act as an umbrella to the elements. 

Lemon trees are grown amongst some of the small Producers coffee plants.

Recommended brewing: V60, Pour over, Aero Press and Cafetiere - check out our starter brewing recipes

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