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Why we chose to switch to roasting in a Loring Coffee Roaster

We have recently installed our Loring Falcon15 coffee roasting machine in our new roasting coffee shop space and we can't wait to show this beauty to you.

This machine's arrival has been much anticipated with a year and a half wait for a production slot and then a slow boat from California to reach us here in the UK.

We have loved roasting in our Besca drum roaster over the years and we thought long and hard about which roaster would work best for us when we needed to upgrade to increase the capacity of our roastery and to be able to share even more amazing coffee with you all.  We also needed the new roaster to fit our ethos to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  Loring fitted the bill.

How does the Loring smart roaster work?

Energy efficiency

One of the standout features of the Loring is its super impressive energy efficiency.  It utilises a single burner design with a patented smokeless operation, reducing energy consumption by up to 80%.  This not helps reduces operating costs but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly roasting process.

Consistent roasting quality

With the Loring roasting machine, we have more control over the roasting process.  This enables us to get more consistency and repeatable results (which is the holy grail of coffee roasting).  Previously we would experience variables roasting on the drum roaster in a change of weather and the air being pulled into the roaster.

Smokeless Operation

The stainless-steel drum is not heated. Instead, the air traveling through it is precisely heated and using the patented single burner system, recycled through the drum, being cleaned along the way. This means extremely precise control over the environmental heat and temperature stability between roasts. This closed system design means that changes in the weather and humidity make no difference to what is happening in the roasting chamber, offering the skilled roaster the opportunity to really concentrate on the important thing, the roast profile.  There is no need on this roaster for an after burner to reduce the smoke.

We have spent the last few months learning the ins and outs of this awesome machines and working out how to translate the roasting profiles we have for our lovely coffees to this new machine.  It has been a steep learning curve, but we are starting to crack it.  A major difference has been the resting time needed for each coffee to open up on the Loring, which can be up to 2 weeks to taste the coffee properly, so we are being very patient!  As well as the switch from roasting the coffee from the outside - in to the inside- out. We love the juiciness we can get from each coffee and the faster roasting time will make a big difference to our production day.  The machine's unique hot air recirculation system promotes even heat distribution reducing the overall roasting time.  Our coffee roasted in this new machine will appear lighter but will taste just as delicious.

Would you like to see this machine in action?  We are hoping to open the new roastery / coffee shop space in early October, we would love you to pop in and see this magnificent machine for yourself.  The address of the new space is 9 Central Parade, London SE20 7TN.

Juan installing the flue of the Loring Falcon 15 roasting machine

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