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Where is my coffee?

We deliver and send our freshly roasted coffee daily, if you haven’t received your coffee within a couple of days of ordering with us, something is up - please get in touch on 020 3326 9488 or email


How does delivery work?

Order 2+ more bags to the value of £23.90 or more and you will get you free next day local push bike delivery to SE20 BR3 SE4 SE5 SE6 SE12 SE13 SE14 SE19 SE20 SE21 SE22 SE25 SE26 SE27 BR1BR2 BR4.  Otherwise £1.50 cycle delivery charge will apply for just one 230g bag of coffee.

What if I live outside your Cycle delivery area?

We ship same day if ordered before 9am or next day UK wide - to qualify for free Royal Mail delivery, order to the value of £30.00 or more. Otherwise, it'll be £2.95 Royal Mail postage.

How do I return my coffee?

If you wish to return your coffee, please contact us within the first 14 days after placing your order and we will happily replace your coffee.  Likewise; we are excited that all of our coffees are so very different. If you ever receive a coffee from us that just isn't quite for you, please let us know and we will happily swap it in with an alternative.

How do I brew my coffee?

Please see our brew guide with our top tips on all things brewing coffee
Our Coffee Brewing Recipes

You say you are eco-friendly - what does that mean?

We are always exploring new ways to ensure we are as environmentally friendly as possible in everything we do. We have recently introduced recyclable bags and for regular coffee orders you can choose reusable tins, which we will swap in with each new coffee, allowing us to cut out packaging completely. Where possible we will deliver coffee orders by push bike too - we reckon we are doing 300+ miles a week in South East London and Kent, which is certainly keeping us fit.  We reuse all of our coffee sacks and pass on to the local community for use in their gardens and art projects.  Our coffee grinds are reused by Gardeners.   We also have coffee chaff (a by-product of coffee roasting) that is ideal for composting or animal bedding. If you would like coffee grounds, coffee sacks or our coffee chaff (please get in touch)

Who roasts your coffee?

We roast all our coffee ourselves, - Juan is almost always found in our workshop, roasting, testing profiles and developing the best roasts for each one of our individual coffee beans.  He tastes and tests every roast to ensure you are getting the best possible coffee in your cup.  Want to know more about our roasting?  get in touch.

How do I know if my coffee is a light or medium roast?

Each coffee we buy is carefully roasted to a profile to bring out the best for each coffee’s unique characteristics and also what we think tastes best in your cup.

We aim to caramelise just enough of the natural sugars present in coffee to balance with good acidity, body and mouth feel.

Our roasts can broadly be split into two types:

Our Espresso roast are best for those that like a full body coffee with more caramel and chocolate notes

Our Filter roast style is a lighter roast with more acidity – it is intended for pretty much every other brew method – Cafetiere, AeroPress, filter etc.  We think these tastes better black, but of course we all have individual tastes and you will know your own preferences (see our best for espresso / best for filter recommendations in our online shop)

Which coffee works best for my cafetiere etc?

Get in touch for a chat, it really depends how you like your coffee and whether or not you drink it with milk.

How best do I store my Coffee?

Probably the most important thing is just to buy the coffee you need, buy little and often, and ideally buy freshly roasted whole beans.  Grind only what you need each time.  Keep your coffee in a cool and dry place in an airtight container.  We don’t recommend that you store your coffee in the fridge!  

If your coffee Arabica?

Yes, we only roast speciality Arabica coffee. 

Buying ground coffee, how does that work?

When you purchase a bag or tin of our coffee you will be asked at check out whether you would like whole coffee beans or how you would like your coffee ground depending on how you make your coffee at home e.g. Cafetiere, AeroPress, filter etc Every machine is different and whilst we try and get the grind spot on there will be variations.  If the grind isn’t bang on for your machine, please get in touch and we will happily replace your coffee.  Coffee is much better when it is freshly ground, so do yourself and your coffee a massive favour and buy a grinder.

Where can I drink Carnival coffee when I am out and about?

Carnival coffee is served in some flipping lovely coffee shops, events companies, hotels, restaurants, offices and other businesses. Please contact us to find out our current list of Partners.

Are you Fair trade?

We always pay WAY above fair trade prices for our beans

What is speciality coffee?

It is often used to refer to coffees that are graded (by qualified taste-testers, or Q Graders) and that score above 83 points (out of 100).  Speciality coffee refers to the whole process from farmer to cup using single origin coffee. It refers to the way the coffee is roasted and how it is extracted.  .  All of our coffees are graded 84+points for more information get in touch.  It is important to note speciality coffee is not a definitive term, nor a regulated one.

How do I find out more about the awesome art on your packaging?

All the art is created by local artist Rosie Lovelock – to find out more about Rosie and catch a glimpse of her other works – check out her Instagram account @rosielovelockart or


Why should I sign up to a subscription?

It certainly helps with not running out of coffee with planned deliveries depending on your consumption, it also means you don’t have to faff around with putting an order in each time.  By being part of the Carnival coffee subscription, you will be the first to try new coffees you will benefit from the minimum price band of our coffees a £11.95 whilst receiving coffees that are retailing up to £14.95 across the year you will be able to taste lots of exciting different coffee origins, processes and coffee varieties.  And you receive free cycle delivery in South East London or UK Royal Mail delivery.

Can I change, pause or cancel my subscription any time?

Yes just get in touch at or call 020 3326 9488 to change your frequency, take a holiday or cancel your subscription.

When will payment come out for recurring subscriptions?

Payments for monthly subscriptions will be taken from your nominated account on the day each month that you signed up..

I have purchased a gift subscription; how can the recipient activate this?

All of the information needed for the recipient to redeem the subscription will be on the gift voucher with a code to activate the subscription and share with us the recipient’s coffee preferences.


What support and training do you provide?

We provide Barista training for all of our wholesale partners and we regularly run tasting and brewing workshops that you are very welcome to attend.  Keep an eye on social media and our event pages for upcoming events or drop us a line to find out more at

We offer machine equipment rental and awesome purchasing deals to get you all set up and ready to serve amazing coffee.

As part of our partnership with you we offer social media promotion, café set up, free tasting and workshops for your customers, reusable tubs (cutting out packaging completely) and much more – get in touch for a friendly chat.

How do I get my local café to stock your awesome Carnival coffee?

Tell them how much you love our coffee and ask them to get in touch with us on 020 3326 9488 or for free samples and or to book a tasting

Why are you called Carnival Coffee Roasters?

The name Carnival Coffee Roasters came about because of the vibrant colours and carnivals you find at many coffee origins. We are incredibly lucky to work with a wonderful local artist, Rosie Lovelock, who illustrates each coffee with a unique mask design inspired by the movement and colour of the local carnivals.

Contact us

If we haven’t answered your question above or would just like a chat (we are always up for a coffee chat).  Please get in touch with us on 020 3326 9488 or email






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