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2-WayCup - Where one cup unlocks two worlds of flavours

2-WayCup - Where one cup unlocks two worlds of flavours

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Elevate your coffee tasting journey with the revolutionary 2-WayCup. This innovative design redefines the art of coffee tasting, offering not only one but two distinct drinking experiences in a single cup. 

Introducing the 2-WayCup 

Key Benefits and Features:

1. Two-in-One Experience
Enjoy two distinct tasting experiences with one cup.

2. Versatile Sizing 

The 2-way cup comes in two sizes. Choose between a small cup (130ml) for espresso, sharing filter coffee, tea, and sake, or a large cup (330ml) for a full cup of filter coffee or an Americano.

3. Flavor-Enhancing Design 

Experience sweeter and more intense flavors from the narrow rim.  Richer aromas and longer aftertaste with the flared rim.

4. Unique Color Choices

Each cup's color corresponds to flavor profiles, helping you remember your preferred brews.
Orange: Orange blossoms, Bergamot
Purple: Violet, Grapes
Pink: Peach, Berries
Green: White grapes, Melon, Herbal
Grey: Nutty 

5. Innovative Manufacturing

Developed after rigorous research and development, these cups are manufactured with precision.

6. Coffee Championship Approved

Perfect for coffee competitions, where judges can experience two flavors in one cup.   

How Does it Work?

The concept revolves around delivering the drink to different parts of your tongue, resulting in diverse drinking experiences. 

A narrower rim directs the drink to the front and middle of your tongue, yielding sweeter and more intense flavors with a heavier body. 

Meanwhile, the flared rim directs the drink to the rear of your tongue, spreading it wider, enhancing aroma, floral notes, and prolonging the aftertaste with a silkier body.

The incredible story of 2-WayCup innovation

2-Way Cup was created by Gary Au - the co-founder of Urban Coffee Roaster and 2021 Hong Kong Coffee in Good Spirits Champion. 

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