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Carnival Coffee Roasters Curiosities - Magnum Sidra, Colombia -  Star Fruit - Yellow Peach - Caramel

Carnival Coffee Roasters Curiosities - Magnum Sidra, Colombia - Star Fruit - Yellow Peach - Caramel

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About this awesome coffee - 

Mountain: 1,450 MASL

Variety: Borbon Sidra

Process: Mosto Anaerobic

Producer: Elias and Shady Bayter

Origin: Tolima, Colombia

El Vergel Estate: A Legacy of Innovation and Community

The story of El Vergel Estate began in 1995 with the Bayter family's agricultural aspirations. Over time, their journey evolved, shifting from avocados to a flourishing coffee empire, thanks to their spirit of innovation and a dash of serendipity.

A Passion for Coffee, Fueled by Ingenuity

With guidance from coffee expert Miguel Jimenez, El Vergel Estate embraced specialty coffee varieties in 2016. Their pioneering spirit led them to experiment with natural coffee processes in 2018, pushing the boundaries of flavor through meticulous fermentation control. The estate's crowning achievement is their groundbreaking Koji fermentation process, a revolutionary technique that has transformed the world of green coffee.

The Dream Team Behind the Beans

At the helm of this coffee revolution is Martha Montenegro, alongside her dedicated partners Elias and Shady. Their passion for coffee extends beyond the beans themselves, as they strive to create a thriving community within El Vergel Estate. They're a team driven by innovation, blending technology with a love for coffee to bring joy and opportunity to everyone involved.

Introducing the "Mosto Process": A Flavorful Innovation

Experience the next level of coffee with El Vergel Estate's new "mosto processed" coffee. This unique creation involves a 72-hour fermentation in plastic tanks, enhanced by the addition of lixiviates from a Java fermented coffee. This innovative step infuses the coffee with an extra layer of complexity and flavor.

A meticulous two-step drying process, including a mechanical phase in a silo followed by 18 days of sun exposure, ensures optimal fermentation and flavor development. The beans then rest for 30 days in hermetic bags before being carefully milled, resulting in a truly exceptional coffee.

The Secret Ingredient: Lixiviates (Mosto)

Lixiviates, also known as mosto, are the liquid by-products of coffee fermentation. Rich in beneficial microorganisms, lixiviates play a crucial role in enhancing the flavor profile of the coffee, adding depth and complexity.

El Vergel Estate collects these lixiviates and uses them in a carefully controlled process to elevate the flavor of their "mosto processed" coffee. This innovative approach, developed in collaboration with genetics expert Wilder Lazo, showcases the estate's commitment to pushing the boundaries of coffee excellence.

Experience the El Vergel Difference

With every sip of El Vergel Estate coffee, you're tasting the culmination of a passionate journey – a story of innovation, community, and a relentless pursuit of flavor. Choose El Vergel Estate and discover the extraordinary.

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