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Finca El Morito, Peru - Raspberry Ripple, Milk Chocolate, Mango

Finca El Morito, Peru - Raspberry Ripple, Milk Chocolate, Mango

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About this awesome coffee -

Tastes like: Raspberry Ripple, Milk Chocolate Mango 
Mountain: 1,750 MASL
Variety: Marshell 
Process: Washed (Semi Anaerobic, Double & Extended Fermentation)
Producer: Faustino Flores

Roaster notes: "A total crowd pleaser this coffee is medium body, low acidity, jammy middle with a honey finish, with delightful sweet notes of raspberry ripple ice cream and tropical mango with chocolate.  This coffee works really well with and without milk and would suit all sorts of brewing, especially espresso, cafetiere and stove top".

Meet Faustino Flores: The Coffee Innovator Behind Finca El Morito's Marshell Magic

At the heart of Finca El Morito's exceptional coffee production is Faustino Flores, a seasoned coffee cultivator with a passion for innovation. Based in El Diamante town in Peru's Cajamarca region.  Faustino is a key figure in the Flores family's coffee legacy, specializing in pioneering cultivation techniques and exploring new varietals like the captivating Marshell coffee variety.

The Marshell Varietal: A Flavorful Enigma

The Marshell varietal, a unique and relatively new addition to the coffee world, is a rare form of Catimor with surprising complexity. Unlike its typical Catimor counterparts, Marshell boasts extraordinary floral and fruity notes that have earned it high scores in cupping competitions. Its resilience to disease and potential for high yields make it a promising varietal for sustainable coffee production.

Finca El Morito has embraced Marshell with enthusiasm, recognizing its potential to both delight coffee lovers and ensure a stable income for farmers. The exact origins of this varietal remain a mystery, but its uniform genetics suggest a careful breeding program rather than a chance hybrid. We're excited to see how Marshell continues to evolve and improve over time.

Finca El Morito: A Hub of Innovation and Sustainability

Finca El Morito, under the Flores family's stewardship, is more than just a coffee farm. It's a center for innovation and sustainable practices, dedicated to producing high-quality coffees that reflect the unique terroir of their region. Faustino oversees the farm's meticulous cultivation and processing methods, while his son David leads the marketing efforts, ensuring that each lot of coffee reaches discerning roasters and importers.

Supporting a Legacy of Excellence and Environmental Stewardship

The Flores family's commitment to organic compost, minimal fertilizer use, and innovative technology demonstrates their deep respect for the natural environment that surrounds their farm.

Join us in celebrating the remarkable story of Faustino Flores, the Marshell varietal, and the sustainable practices that make Finca El Morito a true gem in the world of coffee.

This exciting coffee has been sourced by our friends at Khipu Coffee.

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