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Mauricio Carvalho, Brazil - Fudge Cake - Chocolate - Almonds

Mauricio Carvalho, Brazil - Fudge Cake - Chocolate - Almonds

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About this awesome coffee -

Tastes like: Fudge Cake, Chocolate, Almonds 
Mountain: 1,300 - 1.600
Variety: Yellow Catuai
Process: Fully Washed 
Producer: Mauricio Carvalho, Irarema Farm

Roaster notes: "A nutty, winey coffee full of rich notes of chocolate fudge cake and sweet almonds, this makes a great espresso and lovely in a cafetiere".

Rediscovering a Lost Treasure: The Remarkable Irarema Farm Coffee

The Irarema Farm, a cherished family legacy, embarked on an unexpected journey when it was briefly left to nature's care. Yet, like a hidden treasure, its coffee trees persevered, and in 2015, the family reclaimed their land, determined to revive its potential.

A Triumph of Nature and Resilience

Despite years of neglect, the coffee trees at Irarema Farm continued to flourish in the fertile soil and ideal altitude. This resilience was confirmed in a remarkable turn of events when Mauricio, the farm's owner, submitted their coffee to the Cup of Excellence competition. The result? An impressive score of 86+, placing Irarema Farm coffee in the main ranking category – a testament to the extraordinary flavors that emerge when nature takes the lead.

The Art of Letting Go

While the farm's coffee production is now lower than neighboring farms, the quality is exceptional. This unique situation reveals a fascinating truth: sometimes, stepping back and allowing nature to take its course can lead to unexpected complexity and depth of flavor. It's a lesson in the delicate balance between human intervention and the raw power of nature.

A Shared Passion for Excellence

Mauricio and his son Moacir, who have become close friends of Bossa Coffee (who sourced this delilghtful coffee) are passionate experts in coffee, olives, and olive oil production. Their dedication to sustainable practices and deep knowledge of the land make Irarema Farm a truly inspiring place.

Experience the Extraordinary

We invite you to taste the remarkable coffee from Irarema Farm – a coffee that tells a story of resilience, rediscovery, and the enduring power of nature. Each sip is a celebration of a unique terroir and the artistry of letting go, resulting in a truly extraordinary coffee experience.

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