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From Colombian Peaks to British Brews: Growing up on a coffee farm and setting up a UK speciality coffee roasters

Would you believe it if someone told you that they won a whole little side of a mountain in a card game? Yes, it's true! Juan Cely's Grandad won their mountain in a card game many years ago. A stroke of luck, or what?


La Familia coffee farm is nestled on a picturesque mountainside overlooking Medellin. This prized land is a communal effort, shared among Juan's parents, aunties, and uncles. Juan's mother, in particular, stakes her claim on the second-highest plotas the second oldest of the sibilings.  Which is at an optimal altitude for growing coffee. Juan's Auntie and Uncle live at the top of the mountain.



Let's dive deeper into the fascinating journey of La Familia coffee, where every step is a testament to dedication and quality.

The journey begins with the coffee plants, which not only thrive but seem to absorb the very essence of their breathtaking surroundings.  Nestled among cascading waterfalls and surrounded by flourishing orange and banana groves, the plants grow in an environment that imparts a unique character to the coffee they produce. La Familia coffee boasts a unique flavour thanks to the current varieties cultivated—Caturra and Typica.


As the cherries ripen on the branches, a crucial moment arrives—the harvest. This isn't just a routine picking; it's a meticulous process to ensure that only the ripest cherries are selected. The attention to detail is paramount, as the quality of the cherries directly influences the final flavour of the coffee.

Following the harvest, the cherries undergo a meticulous washing process. This step is crucial for preserving the purity of the beans and eliminating any impurities that may affect the taste.



The beans are carefully laid out on open beds to dry, basking in the sunlight and absorbing the mountain air. This part of the process is an art in itself, requiring a delicate balance of time and environmental factors to achieve the perfect drying conditions. As well as quick action when it starts to rain!

Throughout this entire journey, every step is closely monitored. The goal is clear: attaining that perfect 11% moisture content. This optimal moisture level is key to preserving the beans and ensuring their quality during transportation and beyond. It's a delicate process that requires a keen eye and a deep understanding of the beans' characteristics.

Once the beans reach this ideal moisture content, they are ready for their next adventure—embarking on a journey to the UK on a slow boat.  Upon arrival the beans are profiled and then roasted to perfection by Juan and his team, who are award winners in the industry.


This final leg is a testament to La Familia's commitment to sharing their exceptional coffee with the world. From the mountainside in Medellin to coffee cups across the globe, each bean carries with it the rich history and meticulous care of the family that cultivated it.

And here's a scoop for you: we've recently planted Pink Bourbon! Exciting times ahead as we eagerly anticipate its maturation over the next 3 to 5 years.


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