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Chocolate and coffee festive pairing

A festive match made in heaven

A William Curley chocolate paired with Feliz Navidad Christmas coffee.

Make a new tradition of a festive coffee and chocolate pairing session with all of your family and friends.

William Curley has chosen his feuilletine bar for this delightful festive pairing as this coffee and chocolate are oh so complimentary.  It's this year's festive must try treat.

Both coffee and chocolate are seeds of fruit growing on tropical plants, and both of these delightful things are processed in a similar way.  They are picked, fermented, dried and then wonderfully roasted.

How to smash a coffee and chocolate pairing

  • Chocolate should be unopened and at room temperature
  • Coffee should be properly brewed and fresh (see the Carnival brewing guide)
  • As you taste make sure to make notes about the flavours you find and what you taste, take your time and enjoy the moment.

Begin with the chocolate

  • Open the packaging slowly, breath in the chocolate aroma and break off small pieces and put them in a cup or bowl. What are the aromas? What do you notice about the chocolate? Note it down.

Brew your Coffee

  • For this tasting you can brew via any method, why not try an immersion method such as cafetiere or pour over or bang out a shot of espresso (they will each bring different elements to the chocolate tasting). Pour the coffee into a cup; what do you notice about the coffee and the aroma, make a note.

Pair the chocolate and coffee

  • Take a piece of chocolate and put it into your mouth and let it slightly melt.
  • Chew the chocolate, what does the texture feel like?
  • Think about the taste and flavours you are experiencing and then take a sip of coffee.
  • When you have finally swallowed the chocolate, consider the flavor and how long it lingers. Write down your thoughts or share them with your friends in the tasting.
  • Savour all the aromas and flavours. Take your time and taste the combination again. Did anything change? Are there new flavours? lingering tastes? make a note.
  • As in all delicious things - taste again
  • Do the flavours and aromas go well together or contradict each other? Maybe one is more detectable than the other? Write down your thoughts and/or share with the others.


About this awesome coffee

Tastes like: Milk Chocolate, toffee, sugar plums
Mountain: 1,810 - 1,940
Variety: Castillo
Process: Washed
Producer: Mario Gallego

Roaster notes: "A wonderful, sticky toffee, sweet coffee, with notes of milk chocolate and a rounded, sweet plum finish.  This coffee tastes like Christmas in a cup.  Perfect for all brewing methods and a total treat coffee for the festive season".

About this awesome chocolate

This festive feuillentine is smooth and creamy with a wonderful, hidden praline crunch that has wonderful depth. A delightful, hand crafted milk chocolate bar which will compliment your cup of Feliz Navidad in the dreamiest way

We think this lovely chocolate bar might just be up there with the best chocolate that you have ever tasted.  It is top of our list.

About William Curley

William Curley has achieved Master of Culinary Arts and has four times been awarded 'Best British Chocolatier' by the academy of chocolate.

William Curley aims to source only the world’s finest ingredients, refusing to compromise on the quality or nature of his work, using only the freshest, most natural produce. In partnership exclusively with world-renowned Tuscan chocolate producer, Amedei.

He is intensely passionate about his craft; chocolate, patisserie and encouraging and mentoring young talent within the business. Together with a team of ambitious pastry chefs, William has long been creating inspiring products of the highest standard. 


Get your festive Chocolate pairing 1 x 40g William Curley Chocolate feuilletine bar and 1 x 230g Feliz Navidad recyclable bag of coffee

Delivered by cycle across South East London until 23rd December 2022.

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