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Summer time = coffee time

Ooh is that the sunshine?  Time to get your cooling caffeinated drinks on!

From super simple switching half your water for ice in your normal brewing method to steeping your coffee overnight for a sweet, smooth cold brew experience there are so many fab recipes to try.

Here are a few to get your started -

Brew a pour over coffee, over ice, ice baby - V60 Iced coffee

1) Grind your coffee on a medium grind

2) Add 125g of ice to your jug and proper your V60 (remember to soak your filter paper)

3) Add 16g of coffee and then pour over 50ml of boing water.  Let it bloom.

4) Then take your time to pour over the rest of the water (75ml) pausing occasionally.  This should take about 2 minutes

5) Service in a glass of ice and add milk (if you like that sort of thing!)

Easy Cold brew; brewing

We love a cold, slowly extracted coffee.  You will find when brewed this way the  coffee has a balanced acidity, a smooth & clean mouthfeel with little to no bitterness at all, win.

1) Put 110g of medium grind coffee in the jug with a lite of filtered water (room temp) (the Hario cold brew jugs are perfectly set up for this with an inbuilt filter)

2) leave in the fridge for 12 - 18 hours to let it step

3) if you are just using a normal jug and not a Hario cold brew jug, pour it through a filter

4) Serve your cold brew.  It's super nice with ice.

Cold brew tonic is just the tonic

Tonic adds the bubbles, a touch of bitterness and elevates the coffee flavours

1) follow the above cold brew receipt

2) Fill, actually overfill a glass with ice

3) pour in half a cup of cold brew and top up with tonic

4) add an orange twist and serve

Affogato Espresso

A scoop of vanilla ice cream in your espresso, what a lovely cooling combination - or turn into a night time treat with a shot of amaretto.

Drop us a line (to  if you would like a free recipe card to pin to your fridge!


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